Curry Masala

Freshly ground with a hand full of whole spices, Its the perfect mix for your home made curries. It can also be used to season other Indian dishes.  Have a quick look at our recipes.  €3.50/25g

Our Curry masala mix has been passed down through our family for generation. With no added cayenne, paprika, salt or chilli and suitable for vegans and vegetarians  it the perfect choice for everyone.


Pakora Mix


Made with pure chickpea flour, seasoned with coriander, cumin and Turmeric, it,s perfect for home made Onion Bhajis, Pakora’s, Pancakes or batter to make fried fish or Chicken Goujion  €4.98/290g

Recreate a family favourite with this Pakora Mix. Made with Pure chickpea flour and suitable for vegans and vegetarians, it a great alternative.


Legend has it the origin of chai dates back more than 5,000 years.  Chai isn’t just something we wake up to, it’s the very essence of social interaction in India.  Almost everywhere you go, in trains, on streets, in sari shops, you will see people drinking this sweet, spicy, milky beverage. Instruction on back on how to make using traditional method, can also be added to instant tea or make a chia hot choc by adding it to a mug of delicious hot chocolate. Enjoy you delightful cup of tea.   €4.90/25g/25 Cups

Khara is the collective knowledge, experience and wisdom handed down through generations of our family.  Growing up and especially during the wintertime, our mum would make us some delicious and warming Khara, a spiced ‘pick-me-up’ drink, made even better with some honey to sweeten the taste.   €4.90/25g/25 Cups