menu/opening hours

CURRENTLY OUR OPENING HOURS ARE, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY EVENING  4-9PM ONLY, DELIVERY SERVICE NOW AVAILABLE. To order please call 0866634053. We can not take orders via whatsapp or social media thank you.

For this month we have our FISH STYLE TACOS, made with fresh fish delivered by kish fish for €10. We’re celebrating April!

 CHICKEN KEBAB Locally sourced Chicken served in two of our traditional Indian flat breads, layered with our house special sauce, topped potato cubes tossed and seasoned in garlic. thinly sliced onions, tomatoes, and leaves. With a selection of dips on the side, its light, fresh and delicious-13

currently off the menu-SLOW COOKED PULLED LAMB Cooked with a handful of fresh ingredients, its simplicity at its best.  Grilled on skewers with fresh garlic, onions, ginger, coriander-and our spice mix.  Served in two of our traditional Indian flat breads, topped with garlic cubes seasoned and tossed in garlic, with a selection of dips and salad-13

 PANEER Paneer is an Indian semi soft cheese, marinated in spices, cooked on a griddle, and served in two Indian flat breads, house special sauce, potatoes cubes seasoned and tossed in garlic, thinly sliced onions and salad, its perfect for a vegetarian choice-12

 INDIAN STYLE FISH TACCO Freshly coated pieces of fish (supplied by Kish Fish) in a crispy panko crust or dipped in our chick pea pakora mix, served with our lemon, garlic and fresh herb yogurt sauce, In traditional Indian flat bread, topped with garlic potato cubes, tossed in fresh garlic and seasoned, salad and dips (please be carful of small bones)-13

 MIX VEG& PEA SUBZEE (dry curry) Mix veg , potato and pea curry , melted mature cheddar cheese, served in traditional Indian breads, topped with salad and served with a side of potato cubes tossed in fresh garlic and seasoning and dips-12


A large tortilla filled with an Indian mushroom, potato and pea mix. rice, cheese and pickle. A fabulous combination of flavours. Served with salad, seasoned potatoes cubes and garlic dips – 12  add chicken to your burriot for -1.  If you prefer we can make the burriot with mix veg instead of mushrooms.

 CHICKEN GOUJONS Parathas filled with chicken goujons, cheese, slaw, garlic sauce, seasoned potatoes and pickle dip-13

 TASTER BOX Create your own taster box, by choosing 4 different fillings. lamb, fish, Panner, chicken and mix veg curry with melted mature cheddar. Perfect for sharing….or not-25


 POTATO CHAT- hot seasoned potato cubes, served with a separate yogurt, fresh coriander, tomatoes, onions, and tamarind chutney, pour over the potatoes just before serving-5

 POPADOM CHATT – mini popadom served with a chatt mix of diced steamed potatoes, black chickpeas, yogurt, fresh coriander, tamarind chutney, tomatoes, and onions on the side.  Perfect for dipping and shairing-5

 ONION BHAJIS – a large side of freshly cooked onion bhajis, with a garlic dip-5

LOADED BHAJIS – Sharing box of bhajis, tamarind and yogurt chutney, fresh chilli, coriander, tomatoes, onion-pile on the chutney jut before serving-” – 7.50

 PIZZA FOR 1 – 7inch Indian Nan Bread topped with our house red sauce, cheese, and 1 topping of your choice.  *pulled lamb *chicken *panner * veg  with a drizzle of garlic sauce (optional) -5


San Pellegrino cans –2.20 (ask for flavours)

Still or sparkling mineral water- 1.80


CHAAT TOPPING – yogurt, tamarind, fresh coriander, tomatoes and onions-3.50

GARLIC – crushed fresh garlic, Mayo, yogurt, fresh coriander-1

TANGY ACHAR MAYO – mayo, mixed pickle paste-1

*Parathas and pizza dough contain wheat and dairy *Our house red sauce contains dairy and mustard seeds *lamb contains dairy *Pickle contains mustard seeds *Our potato cubes are cooked in the same oil as the fish *Salad may contain celery *Please mention and ask for further allergy information at the time of placing an order