Black chickpeas?

The humble BLACK chickpea, (available to buy in our café) a super stable ingredient.  Busting with lots of vitamins and minerals, it has a delicious nutty, creamy flavour.

I tend to soak them overnight in clean water and cook it in the pressure cooker the next day. Here’s a quick recipe. (if using a pressure cooker, follow the manufactures instructions and settings).


250g black chickpeas washed and soaked overnight.

1 large onion finely chopped.

2 large fresh tomatoes finely chopped.

1 tbsp finely chopped garlic/paste.

1 tbsp finely chopped ginger/paste.

½ tsp turmeric.

1/2tsp coriander powder

1 1/2tsp cumin seeds.

2 bay leaves.

1 tsp garam masala.

3 tbsp oil/ghee.

2 cups of water.

1 large hand full of freshly chopped coriander.


Start by heating a heavy based pan with the oil, when ready add the cumin seeds and bay leaf, cook for a few seconds just until they start to splatter on a medium heat.   

Add onions, garlic and ginger.  Cook for a couple of minutes on a low heat until they become translucent and start to turn slightly brown.

Add tomatoes, cook for a further couple of minutes with the lid on.  Once the tomatoes have softened and the oil has come to the surface, add the turmeric and coriander powder. Give it a good mix and cook on a low flame for about 1-2 minutes with the lid on.

Add the chickpeas, salt to taste and water.  Bring to the boil then quickly turn down the heat to a light simmer. If you find   Cook with the lid on until the chickpeas are completely cooked. If you find the liquid is evaporating too quickly, add some more hot water and turn the heat down lower.

Once the chickpeas have completely cooked through, add the garam masala and fresh coriander, give one last mix and leave it to rest for a couple of minutes before serving. 

Our first official photo shoot and it was amazing!

Happy Easter…

Yorkshire puddings is a must on our plates. It’s been a competition of who can make the best one for years! After a lot of failures and success, research and attempts. I have officially hung up my oven gloves, mixed my last batter and shook my last jar….. enjoy my finale in picture form😘

us when your outside. 0866634053

Paratha (indian, fluffy, definitely comforting & moorish flat bread x2), or chickpea pancakes which is made with gluten free ingredients, filled with

Slow cooked Indian Pulled Lamb -12
Homemade Paneer – 10
Breakfast, with bacon, tomato, Indian spiced potato cake & poached eggs – 12
Chicken Kebab – 12
Mushroom, Potato & Pea Curry – 12
Aubergine, Potato & Pea Curry -12

All topped with garlic pan fried potatoes, special Sauce & Dips

Add a bowl of Dhal – 3

All in-One Curry & Rice Pots:
Lamb curry cooked with a sauce – 12
Chicken curry with a tomato & creme fraiche sauce and peppers- 12
Dhal , tempered with spices, garlic & ginger – 10
Home made Panner cooked in a red sauce with peppers and onions -10
Mushroom Potato & Pea – 10
Aubergine, Potato & Pea – 10

All topped with garlic pan fried potatoes & Dips

Vegi, Vegan & Meat option Available, filled with addition rice, cheese and special sauce & Dips 12

It’s Valentine’s Day!!!mix up your food and conversation by dining together…


Our delious Thali, Meat, Veg, Vegan & fish options

thali night 2
Our dinning table, busy with conversation

thali night 1
Quick glance from the outside

Are you sure you want to do this, they said.  Shared dinning experence on Valentines day….. Im happy to say it was a huge sucess! we had singles, couples and friends turn up.  Our cafe is a place were the community get together, enjoys good food, atmosphere and good food.

Pop in and say hi….stay for food and wine

wicklow town review


Bringing the tastes of India to Ireland, Sukhi’s India is an authentic Indian café with traditional and modern dishes, some from Punjab India, and some Irish staples with a Indian twist!

Already well established in Wicklow Town with her wonderful varety of cooking ingredients, Sukhi invites you to join her on her latest culinary journey as Sukhi’s India fills the town with the tastes and smells of the East.


Turmeric….. this ingredient seems to be everywhere at the moment.  Mum use to make us turmeric milk when we were unwell, it’s been a firm favourite in our family for generations. This is how mum use to make it and how I make it now.  Grab a small milk pan and a really tiny amount of butter, melt the butter, add a tiny amount of turmeric and give it a quick mix. The turmeric will quickly turn dark brown, that’s when you add the milk, or milk substitute.  Mix and warm slightly, take of the heat, add a small amount of honey and drink.

This method was used as there were no fridges, you would make it when needed.

If we look at the health properties of turmeric,  there are loads of reasons for why we should use it in to our diet.  Indian food nearly always has turmeric in it, so if were not drinking it were definitely cooking with it!

I found a really good video on YouTube by Dr  Kahalsa. This video is well worth a view, she shows you how to make a Turmeric paste and keep it in the fridge and use it every day.  The key with using spices in this form is not to over do it, for example don’t use two teaspoons instead of one because you think it will work better or faster.  Our body can only process and coupe with spices in moderation, it is important not to under estimate their power.

Turmeric Paste & Golden Milk


Self preservation…..

This month is all about our two new drinks and everything they have to offer. I love the taste of chai and when I saw it on the menu board in the local coffee shop, I was super excited and very quickly disappointed.  The chai was a flavouring in a pump of sweetened syrup, tasted okay but a million miles away from what we had at home.

Khara, well that’s a family treasure and we’ve been so lucky to have it in our family for generations.  It comes from a time were doctors weren’t readily available, so families relied on blending spices that worked in harmony with each other and created fabulous results. Mother Natures helping hand.

Tradition is good, especially when it offers so much wisdom and well being.