Turmeric….. this ingredient seems to be everywhere at the moment.  Mum use to make us turmeric milk when we were unwell, it’s been a firm favourite in our family for generations. This is how mum use to make it and how I make it now.  Grab a small milk pan and a really tiny amount of butter, melt the butter, add a tiny amount of turmeric and give it a quick mix. The turmeric will quickly turn dark brown, that’s when you add the milk, or milk substitute.  Mix and warm slightly, take of the heat, add a small amount of honey and drink.

This method was used as there were no fridges, you would make it when needed.

If we look at the health properties of turmeric,  there are loads of reasons for why we should use it in to our diet.  Indian food nearly always has turmeric in it, so if were not drinking it were definitely cooking with it!

I found a really good video on YouTube by Dr  Kahalsa. This video is well worth a view, she shows you how to make a Turmeric paste and keep it in the fridge and use it every day.  The key with using spices in this form is not to over do it, for example don’t use two teaspoons instead of one because you think it will work better or faster.  Our body can only process and coupe with spices in moderation, it is important not to under estimate their power.

Turmeric Paste & Golden Milk


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