Second month of success…..

We have always been a family of baking, my daughter loves making cookies, cupcakes and the occasional chocolate brownie. When we didn’t have any homemade goodies, we would buy them in our weekly shopping. This year is all about making small achievable changes, so now, if we don’t make it, we don’t eat it, unless were out for dinner.

We started with a baking box and now have a baking cabinet, completely dedicated to all things baking and desserts. slowly, slowly we have built up quite a collection of ingredients and equipment.

We now plan our sweet treats for the week and have a better idea of how much sugar we are in taking. We chop and change our recipes and adapt them to our taste.

Adopting this type of life style does require more organisation and planning. but it is so worth it. The rewards far outweigh the convenience of easy shopping. I have a weekly meal planer on the fridge with an extra section it for sweet treats.

Two successful months of making and keeping small changes and I must be honest, it feels good and we save money!

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