spice up your beans!

Growing up mum use to add masala to most things, my friends use to love it! and their parents too.  A throw back to my child hood with curried beans on toast, the recipe is simple.  Begin by frying a  small finely chopped onion, with one clove of garlic and a handsome amount of fresh chilli in some butter or Spray.  When the onions start going slightly brown, its time to add a pinch of tumeric powder and a large pinch of Sukhis India Masala.  Cook on a low heat for a few seconds, stirring all the time.  Add one tin of baked beans and season with salt, keep stirring until piping hot and serve.

how to serve? well you could have a big bowl of this on its own or you could put it on some buttered toast.  Me…..I like it both ways!

Give it a go… spice up you beans!

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