My change for February…

I am happy to say, I have stuck with my two changes I made in January! usually I’m not so consistent, so I’m very impressed with myself.  This year is about positive thinking, I’ve signed up with an online programme with ‘The Daily Om’ and I love it! Especially when life gets hectic and I need to feel grounded.

So, my first change for this month is, starting each day with a positive affirmation.  As soon as I wake up, which is usually very early, I start the day with a deep breathing exercise whilst repeating positive affirmations as I breath in and exhale. I spend a few minutes feeling centred and in the present, trying not to think of yesterday or tomorrow, just today and that moment.

Its well worth a try, you don’t need to sign up with a programme to get going, there are loads of free videos online you could use.  Happy body comes with a happy mind, together with the right foods, your on to a winner.



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