New Year, New Me….

Famous last words I say to myself every year, when I’m setting unrealistic New Years resolutions.   But not his year! Oh No, Not this year!

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some very talented people, create fabulous flavours and put them up on social media and share my recipes.   The one thing I have learnt is how to create new flavours, using my old family recipes.

Changing my mums recipes was almost like saying, I can do it better, which is by no means true!  I cooked her some of my dishes, which were a take on her recipes and those of my grandmother.  I am happy to say, she was very pleased and looks forward to adding my new recipes to our family cook book!

So, change is good, providing we acknowledge and respect the culture and origin of where it all started.

Going back to my New Years resolutions, well thats simple….. every two weeks I will be introducing one new change, however small or simple it may be.  In fact, I’ve already started, I put some delicious olive oils and cooking oils into spray bottles.  Instead of pouring, I will be spraying! Change is good 💚


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