How comes?

I am often asked, how comes I cant taste the coriander in my curry? or how comes my curry tastes bitter  and how comes…………….below I have discussed three of the most commonly ask question during my cooking workshops.

  1.  Why does my curry taste bitter, well this could be down to a few reasons.  The garlic was burnt during the tempering process or the spices you used were over cooked and burnt.  This easily happens when you cook finely ground spices in hot oil,  the finer the spice blend the easier it will burn.  So what to do……. use a freshly ground spice blend, (like Ours) or try to choose one that is coarsely ground rather then powdered.  Always have a glass of water close by,  add a splash a few  seconds after adding and stirring in the spices.  This will stop the spices from burning and making your curry taste bitter.
  2. I cant taste the coriander in my curry…… Fresh coriander should always be added at the end, once the curry is completely cooked.  Mum would often say, if in doubt add coriander, it will make the most questionable curry taste good!
  3. Why does my rice not turn out right?  Everyone has their own idea of what constitutes good rice.  One cup of rice too two cups of water, that the most common ratio but this doesn’t always work.  Here’s my method, no matter how much rice you have in your pot, always add enough water so it sits about an inch over the rice line.  Bring it to the boil and turn down the heat to the lowest it will go, you want to almost steam the rice in the pot.  Don’t be tempted to stir it or open the lid too soon.  one cup of rice generally takes about 20 minutes.  After 20 minutes quickly lift the lid, take a few grains off the top and test to see if its cooked.   The key is not to stir the rice!! use a folk to separate the rice before serving.

This list could go on and on but I will stop here for now, give you a chance to digest and post your feed back and any question you may have.

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